What separates Virgin Trains from other train companies, is they're fun and they're human.

So when you're asked to lead the creative for their social channels, naturally you say yes. 

Overseeing and working with the talented young team of Becky Cartey and Judith Gruntjes, we concocted and produced launches, activations and random bits of content to engage with our audience... the general public. 

Over 2 years of working with Virgin we put out a lot… big, small and always on a shoestring budget. Below is snapshot of some of the projects we created.





PLatform proposal darkened.jpg

A frequent Virgin Trains customer, Mick McGunigle got hold of the Virgin Trains team explaining how he had met his girlfriend Terri on on of Virgin Train’s platform just 4 years ago. He mentioned he wanted to propose to her in the same place. 

So, we decided to jump in and help Mick make this happen.

Working with the talented creative duo of Jan Pruijser and Rachel Cloug, we found a way to help bring his proposal to life. 


It was shot, edited and put out on the same day, so the public could celebrate with them. 


And people seemed to like it.

+440K video views






Lost train tickets are a common problem… and sometimes you just need to approach a problem from a new angle.

We came up with a solution and released it on April 1st. Coincidence, perhaps.


After over 1000 comments and hundreds of replies from the Virgin social team…

We had to put the word out that unfortunately it wasn’t real.


But not before the press picked up on it.


Maybe TickInk isn’t such a bad idea after all.

+216 K video views





Mothers day darkened.jpg

Virgin Trains are known to be technologically ahead of the curve. They also happen to take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Mother’s day is no different.

So, we wanted to let mums across the UK know that we were thinking of them.





Christmas train Darkened.jpg

X-mas is all about giving and Virgin Trains were doing just that. They created 2 carriages made of hundreds of gifts to be given to the public over 2 days at Kings Cross and Birmingham station respectively.

But nobody is interested in seeing other people getting gifts.

So, rather than just shout about what was happening, we decided to find a way to involve those who couldn’t be there in person.

First we had to put the word out, releasing a series of teaser videos getting people to tune in.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 09.57.46.png

Hosted by our quick-witted ‘Virgin Helper’,

we used Facebook Live

to offer those up and down the country an opportunity to win gifts themselves.

Using fun clues and some cheeky banter, participants put their guesses in through the FB live feed. The first person to answer correctly won the gift as our witty host moved onto the next.

live feed in screen.jpg

The giveaway was a success and went on for almost an hour, with people winning everything from iPads to candles and everything in between.

End strip.jpg

And by the looks of it a good X-mas was had by all

3m+ reach

4.5m+ impressions

1.3m video views

30k+ engagements