Bronx men’s shoes are a tough South African shoe brand that most school boys would have grown up wearing. We needed to remind the men (and women) of South Africa that Bronx is still alive and kicking.

Part of the task was to ‘grow a fanbase’, and that’s exactly what we did… through a billboard.


Tearing down the ‘clean-cut male model’ stereotype seen on billboards around town, we got the public to help us get a little more rugged.

As they say, ‘seeing is believing’ and that’s exactly why we made this video.



A facebook app that allowed people to help grow the beard.

Each 'Like' contributed to the beard’s growth.




A webcam allowed Facebook users from around the world to keep track of the beard and interact with the billboard in real-time.

Users could invite friends to help grow. The more friends you invite, the more you grew the beard and the better your chances of walking away with a year supply of Bronx Men's Shoes.

A leaderbeard, testosterone zones and a battle between the sexes added a competition element and further incentive.


Numerous animated elements were designed for the app. From hair-growing fonts to beard growing avatars.

Check out the video below to see how we made it grow.


The billboard started to get a lot of attention.

Josh Strauss, a South African rugby legend decided he wanted to get involved, so challenged us to a grow-off.

Like any self respecting gentlemen, we obliged.



growth in Bronx Facebook channel

8 387 469

people reached through print, online and broadcast publicity

2 110 870

People reached through twitter

Beard growth.jpg