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In a world of minimalist, sleek design we have the habit of stripping the fun out of things.

Life doesn’t always need to be so serious and neither should our furniture. So after a lot of sketching, we had some rough plans and a good father/son project later… the very originally named ‘Face-shelving’ was born.

1 blank shelf.jpg
2 closeup bottom.jpg
3 small images.jpg
5 closeups.jpg

Shortly after we made it, I put it online not expecting much. To our surprise it started to get a lot of attention from various websites, blogs and magazines around the world.

I started to get emails, from places I had never been to asking where they could buy it.

Since I haven’t yet put it into any sort of mass production (mostly down to shipping and installation costs) I decided to put plans together so people can make it for themselves. Here they are. Good luck.